THC-Free MCT Oil 1000mg Blueberry

Our Signature THC Free Isolate Sublingual Extract!

Potential Benefits:

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Improves sleep
  • Relieves pain
  • Neuroprotectant

Our hemp extract is produced using high-pressure CO2 and pure alcohol meaning the botanical concentrate is free of toxic residual solvents. BodyChek uses only pesticide-free growing practices ensuring a pure extract of the highest quality. Ingredients MCT oil, Hemp Oil, Blueberry Terpene Blend Extract.

Size: 1 oz (30 ml) 1000 mg

IngredientsMCT oil, Hemp Oil, Blueberry Terpene Blend Extract

Directions: Fill Dropper And Squeeze Oil Under Tongue. Allow Oil To Absorb For 15-30 Seconds, Then Swallow. Adults May Take 1 Full Dropper (Approx. 24 Drops Or .8ml) 2-3 Times Daily.

Disclaimer: these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Mfg: Manufactured for and distributed by:
BodyChek Wellness
107 E. Chestnut Street
West Chester, PA 19380 U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I used to use massive (and unhealthy) amounts of ibuprofen to keep my persistent cervical disc pain in check. Using the THC free Blueberry oil has virtually eliminated my need for ibuprofen, and I'm at my lowest pain level in 3 1/2 years! This oil is great!!!


Awesome stuff


Was hesitant to try the blueberry but the no thc marketing got me because my partner can have it for work anxiety and not have to worry about the thc showing up in a test. I was pleasantly surprised by the light flavor as I have more of a peppermint palette. Another stellar product from my favorite cbd company!

THC-Free MCT oil Blueberry

The blueberry flavor is good. The oil had some effect on pain relief but not as much as the salve. May have to try the oil with THC for better effectiveness.

John Fleming retired engineer & hockey player

The things I noticed after the 1st week were it made me sleep better, as far as other changes, possibley a sence of calm. It hasn't really had any impact on the chronic intractable pain I have in my (L) shoulders rotor cup "slap" tear. I'm using 1 ml twice a day to start.

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